Metal Shooting Targets

Metal shooting targets are a great addition to any shooters training. Not only do these targets allow for better shooting, metal targets provide an auditory feedback whether the short is on target or not. There is something satisfying after hearing a well-placed gong sound when hit. Additionally, when shooting at distance, there is no need to go down range to evaluate shots or change targets.

While there is a higher upfront cost, these targets can last forever. Made from hardened steel, shooting steel targets provides a much better experience than traditional paper targets. These targets can be set up in a variety of ways with the most popular being a target stand with a variety of target plates such as targets or animal silhouettes, dueling tree or metal spinning targets.

Dueling Tree Target from Amazon
Metal Spinning Target from Amazon

Steel targets do have their drawbacks, with the danger of ricocheting bullets being the primary one. When looking at targets to purchase, be sure to look at whether there are exposed brackets and bolts as they are the primary cause of ricochet. An important but sometimes overlooked safety point is to pay attention to distance guidelines and stay back the recommended yards.

In addition to cheaper made products, there are a lot of plans on how to make metal shooting targets which can save some money. Be sure to only use AR500 steel as this shooting steel is strong enough to destroy the bullet on impact. Also, be sure to pay attention to the rating of the weapon being used as the metal thickness needs to be taken into account whether the shooter is using a pistol or rifle.

When using steel shooting targets, be sure to only use lead or jacketed ammunition as steel-core or penetrating ammo can nick and dent the steel which can cause bullet fragments to be shot back.